Management Team

Garth Froese Garth Froese
Chief Executive Officer

October 1, 2007 Garth joined the team of PacificEast Research as the CEO. As a former leader in a diversity of industries from global initiatives that included establishing steel machinery sales in Latin America, sales and a manufacturing facility in China, and family business succession planning while managing a food processing facility in Canada, Garth's portfolio is distinguished by success through networking and empowering trustworthy people. His education is as diverse as his experience with a Bachelor's degree majoring in humanities, accompanied by Executive Development training and ongoing non-profit/philanthropic endeavours. The personal identity space has become a passion motivated by the worldwide need for the safety and security of people from fraudulent predators.

Ken Dick Ken Dick
Chief Financial Officer

Ken came to PacificEast from an international public accounting firm where he was the controller for a region of eight offices generating $20 million in annual fees. He was responsible for controlling and analyzing various financial aspects of the business in order to help guide the enterprise to a profitable future. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat when dealing in the financial planning and mutual fund sales business has shaped and honed Ken's skills. He has brought these skills to the rapidly changing industry of which PacificEast is a part. Ken holds a degree in Administrative Management, pursues continuing education in finance, taxation, and management information systems, and volunteers his time and skills to charity work.

Scott Rice Scott Rice
Chief Operating Officer

Scott spent the first 15 years of his career in traditional technology systems development and information systems management in the multi-national manufacturing sector. In the last decade Scott has overseen the development of specialized internet-based, real-time information products. As Principle Scientist of Qsent, Scott was responsible variously for Technology Development, R&D and data design. After Qsent's acquisition by the credit bureau TransUnion he became TransUnion's Director of Data Management and Principle Data Scientist, responsible for designing high-volume search algorithms and specifying data standardization and access methodologies. Scott is the Chair of the Telecom Data Working Group, a telecom standards and practices committee made up of Tier 1 and Tier 2 telecommunication companies and carriers and is co-Chair of the Open Identity Exchange Attribute Exchange Technology sub-group. He has a BS in Computer and Management Information Systems from the University of Maryland and holds a US Patent in numerical methods for non-obvious associations.

Tom Liebe Tom Liebe
Chief Technology Officer

Tom joined PacificEast in 2002 having previously spent time in software development, information technology and consulting. Over the last 12 years Tom has designed and developed database and system architectures and componentry upon which PacificEast has expanded its business. Tom is now responsible for our production operations and oversees not only software development but also our testing and production data operations team. Tom holds a BS in Computing Science from Simon Fraser University.

Stacey Halligan Stacey Halligan
Director, Carrier Relations

Stacey's tenure of over thirty years has been spent at tier one telecom companies and has provided Stacey with the perfect skill set to manage PacificEast's relationships with the telecom community. Most recently Stacey was at AT&T managing their identity and fraud prevention platforms within the Diversified Group, an AT&T division in Connecticut. Stacey was, and now at PacificEast, is responsible for developing innovative ways of integrating telecom resources into services custom designed for fraud prevention and consumer risk mitigation. The combination of a telecom background and a focus on fraud prevention enabled Stacey to implement the first commercially available authoritative, real-time, Telecom direct sourced fraud prevention service in the identity verification market.


Earl Moulton Don Thibeau

Don is Executive Director of The OpenID Foundation and Chairman of the Board of the Open Identity Exchange (OIX), a non-profit, technology-agnostic, multi-tenant platform for certification listing services and trust frameworks for identity authentication in global internet and telecommunications applications. OIX was the first US government-authorized certification authority and was founded by companies including Google, PayPal, AT&T, Symantec, Verizon and Equifax. Don’s expertise includes the data, identity and social layers of identity authentication and authorization. He has held senior management positions with Kodak, LexisNexis, Qsent and TransUnion. Thibeau, a former Presidential appointee, has testified before Congress and speaks and writes white papers on data privacy, identity standards and technologies and related regulatory issues. He blogs on these issues at

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