E Pluribus Unum

by Scott Rice3/31/2015 1:12:00 PM

With this announcement PacificEast is launching a new brand and division called IDICIA. Launching a new brand is one of those things that probably looks and sounds like a lot of fun. While the process had its fun moments, launching a new brand is like re-taking all the steps and re-making all the decisions that occurred over many years of establishing, building and caring for a company, but repeating all of those steps and decision over a period of just a few months. Thinking through all the decisions like names, domains and API structures and all the subjective and creative decisions about website styles, logos and colors are not easy when you want to do it right and get everyone’s input. But we did... and we have... and we’re thankful we can start moving forward with what IDICIA can do now that we’ve gone through the effort of figuring out what IDICIA is.

The primary driver for the decision to go through all this work was clarity. This year PacificEast is twenty-five years old. It is an established brand and has a good reputation, especially for our customer service and flexibility, and lots of great services. But over the last five years we have begun to add even more services, especially those that are real-time. Seven years ago PacificEast had about twelve types of data hygiene and appending services. Today, driven by both customer demand and some strategic developments we’ve made, that number has increased to over fifty. But as our product line has gotten larger, we have seen our services condensing into two primary areas. In one area we have batch hygiene and append services for our fundraising, healthcare and educational customers. In the other area we have our real-time verification and fraud prevention services for our eCommerce, financial services and identity verification customers. These are two very different sets of needs from two very different kinds of customers within two very different types of markets. This duality, paired with our desire to serve each market well with a very focused and clear message, is what drove the birth of IDICIA.

If you are wondering how this will affect PacificEast customers, the answer is really easy: it won’t. If you are buying any kind of service from PacificEast, from a batch NCOA process to a real-time Telified web service (and everything in between) nothing is going to change. The only real difference is that new services will be introduced under the most logical brand. Batch, data hygiene and appending will continue to fall under the PacificEast brand and new real-time identity verification and fraud prevention services will be introduced under the IDICIA brand. Just to get IDICIA started, we’re also replicating some of the PacificEast services like Telified and LIA under the new brand.

Finally, the launch of IDICIA was truly one of those projects that everyone in the entire company was involved with at one point or another. The PacificEast team is not just a team, but a truly great team. PacificEast couldn’t have lasted twenty-five years without such great people and IDICIA’s future is now also in the same great hands.

The motto of the US, "E Pluribus Unum", means "Out of many, one" In the case of the United States, the "many" refers to the states and the "one" to the nation as a whole. In this case, all of the PacificEast brands including IDICIA will be operated as they always have been: by putting our customer's needs first. That is our unifying principle.

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