Open Identity Standards Enable Greater Privacy and Control

by Cindy1/18/2016 10:20:00 AM

Open Identity Standards Enable Greater Privacy and Control

By Don Thibeau, Identity and Data Expert

Open Identity standards are the plumbing for the personal data flows that are the nervous system of most consumer facing business; they trigger the muscles to move when acquisition, cross-sell or churn events occur. As identity data becomes more abundant and its meta data more potent in new algorithms and data mining engines, this will be ever more critical to how businesses compete in the future.

The source code of open standards software is publicly available. For example the OpenID Connect Standard which is the basis for most modern consumer email and identity systems is the property of the non-profit standards development organization. Consequently, it is difficult, but not impossible, for software that is in conformance with industry standards to include back doors and other forms of spyware.

Better identity handling enables a better customer experience because organizations can be more responsive to their customer’s needs. Increasingly that better experience includes an explicit privacy value proposition. Companies varying in size from PacificEast to Microsoft now incorporate "Privacy by Design" and "Privacy Engineering" as an early and integral part of their product development process and include privacy protection as part of their product marketing messaging.

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