BrandDelivery and Healthcare: How Branded Calling Helps Healthcare Organizations

BrandDelivery and Healthcare: How Branded Calling Helps Healthcare Organizations

As a healthcare organization, connecting with your patients by phone is an essential part of your business. From scheduling critical procedures, relaying test results, or chatting about accounts and billing, your patients or members answering your outbound calls is crucial. 

Many healthcare organizations making calls have been struggling with low answer rates and consequently fewer contacts with patients and members. Health is a sensitive matter and creating a personal connection with patients or members that extends further than just the waiting room is vital to their care. Branding your outbound calls with BrandDelivery is the first step to ensuring this connection continues.

Why BrandDelivery is Important for Healthcare Organizations

How can you connect with your patients or members if they don’t know who is calling, or worse, their phone carrier is labeling your calls as spam, scam, or telemarketer? Every three out of four unidentified calls are not answered, so unless your patient or member has saved each one of your dialing numbers in their phone’s contact list, they are more likely to not answer your call than they are to answer. BrandDelivery enables your mobile caller ID to show up on any patient or member’s phone without your organization being saved as a contact. It also removes any extra steps you would have had to take to ensure this yourself. BrandDelivery takes your outbound dialing numbers, brands the caller ID with your organization’s name, and distributes this information to all major U.S. phone carriers—Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Cricket Wireless, Xfinity Mobile, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and more. Protect the trust your patients and members have given you and let them know it is you calling every time. 

When making outbound calls to members without a branded mobile caller ID, a prominent health insurance company had an answer rate of 23%. After adding branded calling to their outbound dialing numbers using PacificEast’s BrandDelivery™ solution, the health insurer’s answer rate increased by 42%.

A higher answer rate of 33% with BrandDelivery enabled the health insurer to make more successful contacts and lower their calling costs. They received more receptive responses, made fewer call attempts, prevented their calls from being blocked or mislabeled as spam, and controlled how their brand was displayed across millions of their members’ mobile devices.

No matter what kind of healthcare organization your business is, branded calling can help. Whether you’re a healthcare technology company, health nonprofit, hospital, or third party making contracted calls to patients or members, BrandDelivery supports healthcare-focused companies making their own phone calls, organizations that make calls for healthcare companies, healthcare insurers, and the list goes on.

Consult with a specialist and start your 90-day paid Proof of Concept trial to see how BrandDelivery can increase your connection with your patients and members.