First Orion and PacificEast Partner to Provide Branded Communication to Enterprises

First Orion and PacificEast Partner to Provide Branded Communication to Enterprises

Data services company to leverage First Orion’s industry-leading INFORM product to increase customer engagement rate for its enterprise partners

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark., May 5, 2022 – First Orion, the leading provider of branded communication solutions for businesses, today announces its partnership with PacificEast, a data services company that analyzes and solves problems for organizations in the healthcare, telecom, non-profit, and financial services sectors. As a result of the collaboration, PacificEast will integrate First Orion’s Branded Communication solution, INFORM®, into its BrandDeliveryTM solution, to help enterprises brand their calls and prevent their calls from being blocked or marked as scam.

“PacificEast sees firsthand the difficulties enterprises have with engaging consumers via the phone channel, and integrating our Branded Communication solution further strengthens the company’s ability to alleviate these concerns for its partners,” said Nick Andrews, director of channel sales and partnerships at First Orion. “This partnership significantly grows the presence of Branded Communication across multiple sectors and provides further confirmation that the technology is an enterprise-wide solution for all industries.”

The rise in illegal robocalls is conditioning consumers to ignore calls from numbers they don’t recognize, and phone numbers incorrectly categorized as spam has made reaching customers less effective for businesses. In 2021 alone, there were an estimated 110 billion scam calls, 88 million scam victims and $44.2 billion in scam losses in the U.S. However, First Orion’s INFORM allows businesses to overcome these obstacles by empowering them to display the company name on the recipient’s mobile device at the time of the call and in the call log afterward, increasing the likelihood the customer calls back.

“Our clients’ answer rates have dropped with the rise of call blocking and spam tagging, which has increased their operational costs,” said Scott Rice, chief operating officer at PacificEast. “Integrating First Orion’s Branded Communication solutions into BrandDelivery helps our clients address these challenges by mitigating call blocking and showing their customers who is calling. Case in point: a recent client campaign that ran using BrandDelivery netted a 133% increase in answer rates. We now can brand calls and prevent call blocking and spam tagging across all of the major U.S. phone carriers.”

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About First Orion

First Orion Corp. is one of the fastest-growing telecommunications companies and provides industry-leading branded communication and communication protection solutions to mobile carriers and businesses. Branded Communication solutions, INFORM® and ENGAGE®, empower consumers to connect over a branded and verified call and are used by hundreds of companies worldwide. First Orion’s Communication Protection suite offers scam, fraud, and spoof protection solutions to hundreds of millions of consumers and processes more than 100 billion calls annually for T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile and Boost Mobile Networks. For more information, visit

About PacificEast

PacificEast is a privately held data services company that analyzes and solves problems with consumer data for healthcare, ecommerce, financial services, nonprofit, and government organizations. PacificEast helps organizations to keep their data current, reduce fraud, verify identities, and stay compliant with data and privacy regulations using a suite of batch file and real-time API solutions. PacificEast is headquartered in the US near Portland, Oregon and in Canada near Vancouver, BC. For more information about PacificEast, visit or call 800-665-8400.