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Compliance starts with accurate data

Healthcare organizations rely on accurate data to remain in compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and other regulations. PacificEast Health helps you mitigate risk and stay compliant by providing you with high-quality data aggregated from scores of vetted sources. Simply provide us with the file you need insights on, and we’ll return data that’s current, accurate, and complete. Really, it’s that easy.

You need

Up-to-date consumer data that helps you stay compliant with the TCPA and other regulations

You provide

The raw data you need insights on in your preferred file format

We return

The most accurate data intelligence on the market — so you can rest easy

Limit your exposure with engagement data intelligence solutions

Getting in touch with people — whether members, patients, nurses, or providers — is core to any healthcare organization’s operations. But outreach can also put your organization at risk if you’re not paying close enough attention to evolving industry and government data regulations. Fines, bad press, and lawsuits can result when contacting people who don’t want to be contacted. Our data solutions and compliance experts help you mitigate your risk and avoid financial or reputational damage.


Identify phone line types before you start calling or texting

Knowing what type of phone line is linked to a given number is essential to remaining compliant with the TCPA. PacificEast Health’s Line Identification Append (LIA) identifies which phone numbers are landlines, wireless, VoIP or some other type of restricted or unpublished number, even for numbers ported between carriers.

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Weed out disconnected numbers and improve call or text campaign results

There’s a fast and accurate way to know if a phone line is connected or disconnected. Directly access authoritative phone line status data with Telified Disconnect Filter (DF). Pair with our append solutions or run Telified DF on its own to save your healthcare organization time and money by flagging disconnected numbers.

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Prevent HIPAA violations when calling or texting

Phone numbers are often reassigned to different people, which poses a risk to healthcare organizations. With PacificEast Health’s RND Screening, avoid TCPA violations as a result of making unwanted calls to unconsenting individuals. Plus, reduce your risk of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) issues which can arise when sending protected health information via a number that’s been reassigned to a different individual.

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Remain compliant and improve efficiencies with our engagement data solutions

We help healthcare organizations improve their outreach while complying with industry and government regulations. Let us help you find the winning combination to meet your organization’s needs.

Phone Line Type Identification

Identify the device types associated with consumer phone numbers

Do Not Call
List Verification

Clean your call lists using current Federal, State, and DMA Do-Not-Call Registry files.

Phone Active/Inactive Status

Determine whether a phone number is active and dialable or disconnected.

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