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High-quality data makes all the difference

The quality of your contact data is directly tied to your organization’s success. In healthcare industries, the stakes are that much higher. PacificEast has both the experience and expertise to assist healthcare organizations with their data challenges.


Outdated contact data is costing you time and resources

Improve your member contact rates swiftly with PacificEast Health’s Payer Solutions

When a member moves, gets a new phone number, or creates a new email address, it becomes harder to reach them. The result is costly, putting strain on your operations and impeding your success with member outreach. As an insurer, you need access to the most current, accurate, and complete contact data — we can help.

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  • Improve member call reach rates
  • Reduce return mail volume and frequency
  • Avoid email campaign delays and penalties from email service providers

Inaccurate patient contact data is putting a strain on your organization

Reach more patients with less resources using PacificEast Health’s tailored Provider Solutions

In a hospital system or clinical setting, being able to reach your patients quickly and efficiently is vital to your operations — and their health. But contact data can quickly become outdated. You need access to the most current, accurate, and complete contact data available — there is no margin of error when it comes to your patients’ health.

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  • Improve patient call reach rates
  • Reduce return mail volume and frequency
  • Avoid email campaign delays and penalties from email service providers

Good people are hard to find

Streamline nurse and provider recruitment with PacificEast Health’s Staffing Agency Solutions

As a healthcare recruiter, your ability to reach quality potential candidates is vital to your success. However, increased demand for nurses and providers coupled with recruitment engagement challenges means staffing is a constant battle. Our industry-leading data solutions are the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

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  • Quickly find and engage with nurse and provider candidates
  • Bypass social platforms with poor candidate response rates
  • Fill vacant positions more quickly and with fewer resources

Fundraising is tough enough

Increase donor contact rates with PacificEast Health’s Nonprofit Solutions

Donors are the lifeblood of your organization, but reaching them can become more difficult over time. We support health-focused nonprofits with the highest-quality donor contact data — so you can spend less time on unsuccessful outreach and more time championing the cause.

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  • Improve outreach success with current, lapsed, and prospective donors
  • Avoid fundraising campaign delays and penalties from email service providers
  • Solutions tailored to your budget; no surprise hidden costs

Big data benefits (without the downside)

Some healthcare organizations purchase their data from big providers where they’re subject to massive minimum fees, restrictive contracts, and poor customer service. Not with PacificEast.

Better quality, wider coverage

Large providers often draw data from a single repository, resulting in lower-quality data with steep setup and minimum fees. We provide you with industry-leading data quality and coverage by aggregating data from scores of sources across our network of vetted partners.

Swift next-day turnaround

Accessing reliable contact data shouldn’t delay your engagement efforts, which is why 95% of batch files are returned within two hours. Millions of records? We’re well equipped to handle large files too. Reach out today to learn more about large-batch processing times.

Personalized support when you need it most

Forget chatbots and cryptic documentation. Our customer service is 100% human and here to help. We take the time to understand your organization’s data challenges — providing you with easy-to-implement solutions to tackle each one of them.

Your compliance is our business

Ensuring your organization’s compliance and security amid evolving regulations and cyber attacks is table stakes — period. We draw on deep experience with healthcare data to quickly process BAAs and pass all required security and compliance audits.

Discover how our team of healthcare data experts can support your organization’s unique needs and challenges.

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