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Recruit with confidence using the most accurate healthcare provider data on the market

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Filling healthcare vacancies just got a little easier

Providing healthcare systems or staffing agencies with rich, actionable recruitment data quickly and efficiently is our top priority. Simply provide us with the state licensure data you need enhanced, and we’ll return information that’s current, accurate, and complete. It’s that easy.

You need

Up-to-date contact data such as phone numbers, mailing addresses or email addresses

You provide

The raw state licensure data you need enhanced in your preferred file format

We return

The most actionable recruitment contact and demographic data available

Gain the upper hand with our intelligent data solutions

A recruiter’s job is first and foremost to fill vacancies with quality candidates — but first, they have to find them. That’s where we come in. While other recruiters resort to bombarding physicians and specialty providers with messages on networking platforms they rarely check, our data solutions provide you with accurate phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses to reach candidates directly.


Hedge your bets and increase candidate contact rates across multiple channels

When the stakes are this high, you can’t afford not to exhaust every option — which means you need the most current, accurate candidate recruitment data on the market. Leverage a combination of superior solutions to bolster your omni-channel campaign performance and hit your targets. Avoid costly consequences like low contact rates, excess returned mail, and penalties from your email service provider.

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Get around increasingly poor landline contact rates

As mobile usage rises, landline usage is dropping. Perhaps candidates no longer have active landlines or they frequently screen their calls. Our suite of mobile-focused appends empowers recruiters with the best-known mobile number for candidates. Now you can reach candidates on their preferred device, and even via their preferred channel, whether that’s a phone call or SMS/text.

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Increase your member contact rates with multiple valid phone numbers

When filling vacancies with quality candidates is paramount to your success, you can’t rely on a single phone number to get the job done. Strengthen your staffing efforts with multiple phone numbers across multiple devices. Customize your message according to device type while also remaining in compliance with the TCPA and other phone regulations.

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Bolster your email campaign’s success metrics

For many recruiters, email is becoming an increasingly popular channel for candidate outreach. Unfortunately, invalid and undeliverable email addresses can negatively impact campaign metrics and even result in penalties from your email service provider. Our Email Append & Email Validation products help reduce the risk of both.

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Fill vacancies more quickly and efficiently with our best-in-class data products

We help staffing agencies and healthcare systems more effectively reach providers by updating addresses, searching for new mobile and landline phone numbers, verifying whether existing phone numbers are connected or disconnected, and finding valid and deliverable email addresses. Let us help you find the winning combination to meet your organization’s needs.

Mobile Phone Append

Find the best known mobile numbers for supplied candidate names and addresses

Landline Phone Append

Find the best known landline numbers for supplied candidate names and addresses

Dual Mobile & Landline Phone Append

Find the best known mobile and landline numbers for supplied candidate names and addresses

Phone Line Type Identification

Identify the device types associated with candidate phone numbers

Email Append & Validation

Access valid and deliverable email addresses for supplied candidate names and addresses

Deduplication & Address Updates

Deduplicate candidate records and update them with current address information

Licensure lists we can append contact data to

Whether you’re recruiting physicians or sourcing specialty providers, we can enhance data obtained from any federal or state licensure lists. Simply provide us with the licensure lists, specify what contact information you need appended, and we provide accurate data ready for use.

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