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Healthcare organizations routinely encounter unique challenges with data and information management. Gain an advocate by aligning with a data services company that is experienced with healthcare data solutions, analysis, and protection.

For more than 20 years, we’ve successfully completed security, documentation, and process audits from several of the largest healthcare organizations in North America. We’ll do the same for yours.


Your trusted data services partner

Healthcare organizations of all sizes rely on us to improve their data quality and optimize communication with patients, members, and insureds.

Healthcare Providers

  • Ensure patient information is clean
  • Enhance patient data bound for your CMS
  • Verify consumer information during patient registration


  • Enhance and verify patient employee records
  • Clean and enhance claim files rejected by your CMS
  • Improve communication with insureds

Medical Staffing Agencies

  • Find current contact information for past prospects
  • Connect with prospective staff
  • Update licensure lists

Medical/Healthcare NGOs

  • Obtain the bank name and contact information for the credit card being used
  • Reach out to members for fundraising support
  • Gain data for outreach and blood drive campaigns

Specialists in healthcare industry compliance

HIPAA regulations require auditability, accountability, security, and documentation when handling, cleaning, and enhancing consumer healthcare data. Trust our team of compliance and security experts to easily complete Business Associate Agreements and audit processes.

Complete and process BAAs in a timely and efficient manner

Partner with our experts to stay current on healthcare industry regulations

Work with a team of experts up to date on the latest healthcare laws and regulations

Interested in our healthcare industry solutions via batch file processing or API?

Connect with us to discuss how we can help your healthcare organization stay connected and compliant.

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