Increase Nonprofit Donations with the BrandDelivery Branded Calling Solution

Increase Nonprofit Donations with the BrandDelivery Branded Calling Solution

Engaging with donors and potential donors is the foundation of any nonprofit. One of the main communication channels nonprofits use is the phone. However, many nonprofits are struggling with low answer rates and, consequently, fewer donations due to outbound calls to mobile devices being unbranded and marked as spam, telemarketer, or unknown. 

We share your heart for service and understand the unique challenges nonprofits face. We care about your organization and the difference you make in people’s lives when you’re able to connect. Guaranteeing your outbound calls to donors are being answered is the first step in ensuring your vital donation goals are reached each year. BrandDelivery is the branded calling solution you need to make sure you are connecting with donors when it matters. 

BrandDelivery allows your organization’s name to be displayed on your contact’s mobile caller ID without them having to save your number in their phone. BrandDelivery takes your outbound dialing numbers, brands the caller ID with your organization’s name, and distributes this information to all major U.S. phone carriers—ensuring your calls to mobile devices are branded on Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Cricket Wireless, Xfinity Mobile, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Visible, and more. 

Three out of four people who receive a call from an unidentified number will not pick up the phone. Make sure your organization doesn’t fall into this category. Control your branding across one of the most crucial channels you use to connect with donors via our BrandDelivery branded calling solution.

How Branded Calling with BrandDelivery Has Helped Other Nonprofits

Donor engagement is a top priority for nonprofits as it directly impacts your ability to make a difference. A rise in calls that are blocked or marked as spam prevents nonprofits from reaching donors and donors from supporting causes they believe in.

A national nonprofit made donor calls without a branded caller ID and had an answer rate of 11.2%. After branding their outbound calls using BrandDelivery™, their answer rate increased by 43.8%.

This higher contact rate led to a 98% increase in calls answered in the first two call attempts. Calls being answered earlier in the campaign enabled more successful contacts, more donations gained using fewer resources, and name recognition as the nonprofit’s brand was correctly displayed on donors’ mobile devices.

With BrandDelivery, your organization can raise donations to support a cause you and your donors believe in. Don’t let your calls continue to go unanswered. Reach your audience in time for Giving Tuesday with BrandDelivery.