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fraud prevention industry

Fraud Prevention & ID Verification

Our FlexiQuery and Telified product lines provide the best of breed in research tools and identity verification services, respectively. eCommerce Loss Prevention departments are discovering how effective tools can be when they are designed specifically for their challenges by industry experts who do the hard work of preventing fraud day in and day out.

call center industry

Call Centers

PacificEast works with both inbound and outbound call centers. For inbound and blended centers we provide screen population services that leverage our best-in-class match rates, reduce call handling time and allow your operators to spend less time doing data entry. For outbound call centers we offer a wide variety of data enhancement, compliance and verification services, helping them get the most out of their calling lists while staying within the law.

non-profit and fundraising industry

Non-Profits & Fundraising

PacificEast works with many non-profit and fundraising organizations, helping them stay in contact with their members and donors. We help these organizations by finding unique information that is only available for their unique non-profit status and by streamlining their processing and removing steps that aren’t necessary.

healthcare industry


We help providers, payers, healthcare staffing organizations and medical NGOs ensure they have up-to-date consumer contact information. We also assist with identity verification during the registration and billing process. We have experts ready to quickly review and process your BAA documents to meet HIPAA regulations and meet all current security, documentation and process audit requirements from some of the largest healthcare organizations in the world.

business services industry

Business Services

PacificEast itself is in the Business Services industry, but we also power other companies that help make the gears of modern business run more smoothly. Some of our customers help public companies reach out to their shareholders, some help businesses of all sizes research which products and services are doing well and which need help.

education industry


Colleges and Universities rely on PacificEast to help them contact patrons and alumni, raise funds for buildings and improvements and communicate about special events. PacificEast considers it an honor to help support the education of our youth and the advancement of learning.

financial industry

Financial Services & Collections

Financial Services & Collections companies rely on PacificEast to provide updated contact information for consumers in their files, verify the information consumers provide them and help them find and prevent fraud. We provide FTC regulatory compliant search and verification solutions for collections and skip tracing companies.

consumer products and services industry

Consumer Products & Services

PacificEast empowers consumer product and service businesses with easy-to-use address standardization and change of address services. eCommerce departments are discovering that tools like FlexiQuery can make their manual order review process so cost effective they can increase the number of orders they review without increasing their costs.

government, legal and law enforcement industry

Government, Legal & Law Enforcement

Real police work isn't as smooth or technically leading edge as depicted on television. We help law enforcement and government bodies in both the US and Canada get the information they need to prevent crime and assist its citizenry.

communications, media and entertainment industry

Communications, Media & Entertainment

There are many components that must be integrated when businesses successfully communicate with their customers and clients. PacificEast helps communication, media and entertainment companies contact the right people with their message. We make sure publishers get the right address on their newspapers and periodicals. We also help media and entertainment companies know who to contact with new products and promotions.

data and technology industry

Data & Technology

Even other data and technology companies look to PacificEast to provide custom data-in-the-cloud services. Some of these companies partner with PacificEast to share services that bring even greater benefit to their customers as well as ours. We support some of the biggest information and technology names in the industry to help them improve data quality, fill in missing information and better serve their customers with unique solutions custom developed specifically for them.

utilities industry


We power utility companies with information that allows them to keep in contact with their customers, notify them of problems, contact those who move and contact new households in their service area.

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