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PacificEast prides itself on having access to the largest volume of phone number accessible contact records in North America. We help inbound and blended call centers find out who is calling in order to properly handle calls and reduce or eliminate data entry time for operators. We also help outbound call centers obtain contact information while still following strict guidelines about permissible use and consumer choice.

For inbound call centers... If too many of your incoming calls are rolling over to operators just because your ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) isn't able to find contact data for the ANI, we should talk. Most ScreenPop data providers only have access to white page or directory-assistance data. These sources only give you access to the names and addresses for about 120 million distinct phone numbers and, even then, only when those numbers are published. However, many call centers can have access to other sources of data about which they may not be aware. These other sources can give you access to an additional 400 million names and addresses, all accessible via only the inbound ANI. The more information you can give your ACD, the fewer the number of calls that may need have to roll over to your call center operators. If you'd like information about the "rest" of the phone numbers, please contact us.
For outbound call centers... PacificEast works with outbound call centers in a wide variety of industries. We want to make sure you know that access to different types of contact data varies by the type of industry you serve. If you'd like to verify that you're getting access to all available information, just give your account manager a call or contact our customer service department.

For all call centers... PacificEast is your source for authoritative information about the device - itself.
  • Want to be able to verify the location of the phone? We can tell you.
  • Want to know if a phone number is a landline, cell phone, VoIP phone or beeper? We can tell you.
  • Want to know which carrier the phone is using? We can tell you.
  • Want to know if the phone number is active and dialable? We can tell you.
  • Want to verify the caller-id against the name on the account? We can help you.
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