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hippa The Healthcare community has many unique challenges when it comes to healthcare data and information management. Add to this the recent legislative and regulatory changes that have not made the job of administering healthcare consumer information any easier. If you work with data management in healthcare or are responsible for the quality of your organizations healthcare data systems and quality, you already know how hard it is to find a qualified healthcare data cleansing service. When it comes to handling, cleaning and enhancing healthcare consumer data, HIPAA regulations require more than ability; they require auditability, accountability, security and documentation. To meet these requirements you'll need help from a company experienced with healthcare data solutions, analysis and data protection that can quickly process your Business Associate Agreement (BAA) but also easily pass all the required healthcare data security and compliance audits. And yes, great quality services, simple data integration and excellent customer service would be nice as well. PacificEast has been through the BAA and audit process many times for many customers. We have experts ready to quickly review and process your specific BAA documents. We have also already passed and continue to meet security, documentation and process audits from several of the largest healthcare companies in the US. Healthcare companies of every size rely on their dedicated PacificEast team for analysis and systems to help them improve their ability to communicate with their patients, members or insureds, and to maximize the quality of the information they have on file.
Better information for you means better service for your customers. We are helping...


  • Clean and update their patient information
  • Verify and enhance patient data bound for CMS
  • Verify consumer information during patient registration


  • Enhance and verify your customer's employee records
  • Clean and enhance CMS rejected claim files
  • Find better ways to communicate with insureds
  • Help provide smoother integration with your customers
  • Provide instant information and analysis about inbound calls

Medical Staffing Agencies

  • Find current contact information for past prospects
  • Connect with prospective staff
  • Update Licensure Lists

Medical/Healthcare NGOs

  • Reach out to members for fundraising support
  • Prepare outreach and blood drive campaigns

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Canadian Headquarters
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