Phone Line Identification

Gain valuable consumer information and maintain TCPA compliance with Line Identification Append

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Line Identification Append

LIA can help you differentiate between device types, empowering your team to customize their messaging and, ultimately, get better results.

  • Identify which consumers are using landlines, wireless, or VoIP phones
  • Customize your message to their specific needs based on device type
  • Stay in compliance with TCPA wireless phone filter regulations
  • Access accurate data, even for numbers ported between carriers
Line Identification

How does it work?

Line Identification Append combines discrete, authoritative information attributes from reliable external data sources with our proprietary internal research information.

Available three ways

Batch process

Submit a file of consumer contact records and receive appended results within 24 hours.

Web application

Log into our Client Portal to access Line Identification Append and verify individual records in real-time.

API integration

Access Line Identification Append through an easy-to-implement API from our real-time division, IDICIA.

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