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Address Cleaning

People with messy desks may be able to find exactly what they're looking for, but no one else can. The same thing applies to address data. You may know exactly the address you mean, but if the post office or the package delivery company can't translate it into a discernable address it's not going to help your package or letter get there. The challenge is that addresses in the US and Canada follow dozens of different formats and syntaxes so just because an address "looks right" to a data-entry person in New York doesn't guarantee that it will be delivered properly to a address in rural North Dakota. The answer to these problems is address standardization.

Address Cleaning systems typically work in two steps: parsing the various components of an address, and looking up the cleaned address against a reference database. These reference databases are supplied by the postal service. PacificEast's DataMAX product is a proprietary system that combines US Postal Service certified cleaning and standardization with other pre- and post-cleaners intended to improve results and overall quality. PacificEast also licenses the US Postal Service's DSF2 application which supplies additional delivery information for direct mailers and applies USPS LACSLink modifications, delivery sequence coding and delivery type. This product is a must for any direct mailers.

dataPRIME can help you validate and standardize consumer data, update and correct missing or misspelled address elements, even if they’ve moved.

dataPRIME product components include:
  • Coding Accuracy Support System(CASS): Certified Address Standardization and Updating
  • Address Correction: This service identifies and corrects missing or inaccurate address elements for the specific consumer:
    • Updating incomplete street numbers, partial street names
    • Updating missing or misplaced directional abbreviations
    • Adding missing or inaccurate apartment and unit numbers
    • Correcting misspelled address elements
  • NCOALink: Identifies consumers who have moved and updates their record with current address information. (Note that this is only available as a preparatory step to a mailing campaign.)
  • Proprietary Change of Address (PCOA): Not all individuals submit a NCOA form via the USPS and that continues to decline. Our PCOA service uses non postal service consumer data to identify moves not provided by NCOALink or in cases where you want to correct customer information but may not be mailing immediately.
Return Mail Service
Our Return Mail service is designed to give you another mailing address if a piece you’ve already mailed was returned undeliverable. This service works similar to NCOA and DataPRIME, but is specifically designed to find a different address when the address you have has been returned by the postal service. This service can be run in conjunction with NCOA or on its own. Results are returned in a standardized form regardless of the source of the new address. Each record is also encoded with a result type that indicates how we found the address. Even better, we only bill for records for which we were able to find a different address.

United Kingdom / UK Mail Prep
Like our other address standardization and mailing preparation solutions, our UK Mail Prep service covering the United Kingdom cleans and standardizes mailing addresses. However in the UK regulations and systems aren't identical to those in North America; even the processes considered "best practice" differ. Our UK Mail Prep service performs the essential elements of address standardization and cleaning but also automatically
  • checks addresses against the UK’s National Change of Address (NCOA) system,
  • filters out deceased addressees and
  • compares your records to the UK’s do-not-mail system called the Mail Preference System, or MPS.
We've designed our UK Mail Prep system to work seamlessly along with our other address cleaning services so PacificEast can be your single, one-stop shop for all of your address cleaning and standardization needs across the US, Canada and the UK.

Delivery Point Validation. DataMAX includes Delivery Point Validation, a service developed by the USPS to help reduce cost and to verify whether or not an address is valid and can receive mail. Addresses with missing apartment or suite numbers are identified and flagged.

Delivery Point Validation is an address validation service that assures each address in your mailing list matches one of the 150,000,000+ delivery points (deliverable addresses) on file with the USPS. Mailer use of DPV, along with corrective actions, helps to reduce the amount of undeliverable mail pieces, which in turn results in more efficient mail processing and delivery operations. DVP is a validation process, not a correction process. DPV does not append any missing data or correct any address elements. DPV is also included in the NCOALink process.

Reduce outbound costs. If more efficient outbound calling interests you, consider adding DataMAX to your existing data maintenance program for better phone appending results.

The US Postal Service's DSF2 product supplies additional delivery information for direct mailers and applies USPS LACSLink modifications, delivery sequence coding and delivery type. DSF2 identifies whether a ZIP+4 coded address is currently represented in the USPS delivery file as a known address record. DSF2 contains the same data as DPV, along with address attributes that tell mailers more information about the address. For example, DSF2 tells mailers if the address is vacant, residential, business or seasonal or if the address is delivered to a curb-side mailbox or by a door-slot. This information allows for more targeted mailings and can provide you with more insight about your customer.

Other Address-related Data Cleaning Products

The above address cleaning products require only an address (street address, city and zip/postal code) however there are several other address-related data cleaning products.

  • NCOA – The US Postal Services certified Change Of Address utility detects changes of address up to 48 months old. This product takes the name and address from your file (with an optional pre-cleaner for names) and returns a forwarding address. Even if no forwarding address was left, moves can still be detected. Other helpful information is also available including whether just an individual moved out or if the entire household moved.
  • CCOA – The Canada Post certified Change Of Address utility. As with the US solution, this product takes the name and address from your file (with an optional pre-cleaner for names) and returns a forwarding address.
  • PCOA – A proprietary change of address utility that detects moves not in the relevant official COA system like NCOA or CCOA.

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