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Change of Address

All Change of Address systems have one thing in common: they attempt to find the address to which a person has moved. There are several different methods of performing this task, however, depending on country and the quality of the name and address data to begin with. PacificEast offers a selection of change of address systems which combine data cleansing processes from US and Canadian postal services as well as proprietary components designed to maximize the value of the national systems.

NCOALink - Compare your contact data against the USPS National Change of Address (NCOALink) database and receive updated addresses for any person, family or business that has moved or changed their address listing within the last four years. PacificEast's implementation of NCOALink includes CASS, DPVTM and LACSLink TM. LACSLink provides mailers with an automated method of obtaining a new address for addresses that have been converted by local municipalities, usually when a community has implemented a 911 emergency system. 911 address conversions normally involve changing rural-style addresses to city-style addresses, but in some instances conversion may result in the renaming or renumbering of existing city-style addresses. If the standardized address is an exact match to the old address information, the LACSLink system provides the 911 conversion address to the mailer.

dataPRIME with NCOALink identifies consumers who have moved and updates their record with current address information. (Note that this is only available as a preparatory step to a mailing campaign.)

Return Mail Service - Our Return Mail service is designed to give you another mailing address if a piece you’ve already mailed was returned undeliverable. This service works similar to NCOA and DataPRIME, but is specifically designed to find a different address when the address you have has been returned by the postal service. This service can be run in conjunction with NCOA or on its own. Results are returned in a standardized form regardless of the source of the new address. Each record is also encoded with a result type that indicates how we found the address. Even better, we only bill for records for which we were able to find a different address.

United Kingdom – Our UK Mail Prep service performs the essential elements of address standardization and cleaning but also automatically checks your records against the UK's National Change of Address (NCOA) system, filters out deceased addressees and compares your records to the UK's do-not-mail system called the Mail Preference System, or MPS. We've designed our UK Mail Prep system to work seamlessly along with our other address cleaning services so PacificEast is a single, one-stop shop for all of your address cleaning and standardization needs in the US, Canada and the UK.

NCOA Name Cleaner – PacificEast's NCOA Name Cleaner is a proprietary tool we recommend for some customers of an NCOA or CCOA process. The name cleaner removes superfluous parts from names. These parts can prevent the change-of-address systems from finding the appropriate address change record. Ask your account manager if adding an NCOA Name Cleaner to your process can help you improve the results you receive from NCOA or CCOA.

CCOA - The Canada Post certified Change Of Address utility uses the name and address from your file (with an optional pre-cleaner for names) and returns a forwarding address. If you're not sure which of your records should go through NCOA and which through CCOA, we can group them for you.

PCOA – PacificEast also offers a proprietary change of address system that detects moves not in the relevant official COA system like NCOA or CCOA. National systems like NCOA and CCOA only work if the resident of an address fills out a change-of-address card provided by the postal service. Proprietary system use other sources of consumer and business moves to find relevant moves of those who do not submit an official change-of-address.

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