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dataPRIME is a full suite of data hygiene and identification processes available to help you maintain the quality and freshness of your consumer data. dataPRIME can help your business:
  • Validate and Standardize Consumer Data, even if they’ve moved
  • Improve Productivity and Sales Conversion Rates
  • Reduce Mailing Costs
  • Correct Incomplete or Misspelled Address Elements
Product Components Include:
Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS): Certified Address Standardization and Updating
Address Correction: This service identifies and corrects missing or inaccurate address elements for the specific consumer:
  • Updating incomplete street numbers, partial street names
  • Updating missing or misplaced directional abbreviations
  • Adding missing or inaccurate apartment and unit numbers
  • Correcting misspelled address elements
Category Source Record Corrected Record
Typographical Mistakes John Smith
12303 NW 8 ST
Anytown, CA 99999
John Smith
12306 NW 8TH ST
Anytown, CA 99999
Misinterpreted Mistakes Joe Williams
111 E 22nd ST
Anytown, OK 77777
Joe Williams
113 SE 22nd ST
Anytown, OK 77777
Apartment and Zip Info Errors Jane Smith
123 Main Street
Apt A104
Anytown, OR 99999
Jane Smith
123 Main Street
Apt A101
Anytown, OR 99999
Street Name Issues Bob Miller
456 River Road
Anytown, CA 99999
Bob Miller
456 Lake Road
Anytown, CA 99999
NCOALink identifies consumers who have moved and updates their record with current address information. (Note that this is only available as a preparatory step to a mailing campaign.)

Date of Birth and Date of Death (DOB and DOD): dataPRIME identifies and appends both Date of Birth (for certain allowable purposes) and Date of Death to input records. This allows you to remove or flag records in your files where a consumer is now deceased.

Persistent Identification Code (PID): dataPRIME appends a unique identification code to each processed input record. All known valid names and addresses for an established, individual consumer and every record will be assigned the same identification code. This allows you to remove or note duplicate records within your database or consolidate multiple transactions or activities for the same individual.

Consumer Reference Data (CRD) RECORD

Aliases: Jennifer Smith, Jenny Smith, Jennifer Jones, Jenny Jones

Street City State Zip
456 Pine Ln Portland OR 97290
12345 W 57th New York NY 10101
789 Cedar Place Seattle WA 98123
Individual Persistent ID: 1000000

US Headquarters
4900 SW Griffith Dr, Ste 251
Beaverton, OR 97005

Canadian Headquarters
273 - 8661 201st St
Langley, BC V2Y 0G9

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