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Do Not Call

Do Not Call (DNC) is a batch-based list scrubbing service that gives telemarketers and users of telemarketing services the ability to "clean" or "scrub" their call lists against the available Federal, State and DMA Do-Not-Call Registry files.

Do Not Call List Scrubbing can be used as a stand-alone service or in combination with any of PacificEast's other phone number services. It includes complete audit trails, record keeping and reporting for compliance verification purposes.

Like all other DNC scrubbing systems, each entity who is making a call is required to acquire a SAN, or subscriber account number, from the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which is, effectively, a license to access their database of telephone numbers which have been placed on the do not call list. To help you jump start the process of setting up a Do Not Call account with PacificEast we have provided links below to the US Government's Do Not Call website.

We also support DNC scrubbing against Canada's National Do Not Call database as well. For information and forms please contact our sales department.

United Kingdom – Our UK Call Prep service performs the essential elements of appending phone numbers and also automatically checks phone number against the UK Telephone Preference System, or TPS. TPS, like DNC in the US and Canada, ensures it is ok for the number to be called even without previous permission. In the UK (where the calling number pays the bill) the regulations for calling cell phones are different than in the US and Canada (where the called number pays the bill). If you have a file of phone numbers from all 3 countries (US, Canada and the UK) just let us know. We can walk you through how the process differs from country to country and, because these are government licensed services, the different forms that are required in each country.

Acquiring Your SAN from the Federal Trade Commission: Acquiring Your SAN

Do Not Call Usage Agreements

US Headquarters
4900 SW Griffith Dr, Ste 251
Beaverton, OR 97005

Canadian Headquarters
273 - 8661 201st St
Langley, BC V2Y 0G9

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