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PacificEast developed its advanced FlexiQuery portal system specifically with eCommerce Fraud Prevention, Law Enforcement and Skip Tracers in mind. FlexiQuery integrates distinct fraud prevention and identity research capabilities into a single, one-stop webpage designed to make the identity research and verification and manual order review processing as quick and easy as it is informative. The Interactive FlexiQuery page pulls together multiple data researching systems into a single, easy-to-use webpage that provides you instantaneous access to the industry's best, most informative contact and reference data.

FlexiQuery is designed to...

  • Quickly and affordably provide you with the broadest access to restricted access identity reference systems
  • Make the process of determining whether or not to stop shipment on an order as quick and painless as possible
  • Reduce the risk of approving fraudulent orders
  • Increase the ease and security of approving good customers orders
  • Cross reference the name and address associated with a provided phone number to the name and address associated to the provided email address by using FlexiQuery's reverse email lookup feature
  • Verify names, addresses and telephone numbers of ship-to addresses in both the US and Canada
  • Confirm the ship-to address against the mortgage holder on record
  • Confirm if the phone number given was a cell phone or landline and find out the name and address of the subscriber
  • Find additional contact information to assist you with collection or credit inquiries
  • Identify, anywhere in the world, the location of an IP address associated to on-line order
  • Detect if an IP address is attempting to hide its location through a web proxy or TOR server
  • Obtain the bank name and contact information for the credit card being used
  • Informs you if a ship-to address is a mail-drop or a freight forwarder or if the address is even valid
  • Detect if a phone number is bogus or valid and, if valid, where it’s registered
Because FlexiQuery is web-based, you don't have to install anything on your internal IT systems. And because we ensure the data is up-to-date, you don't have to add any additional computer or data maintenance tasks to your already busy schedule.

You may want to evaluate FlexiQuery if you...

  • Are involved with any manual order review process
  • Perform any skip tracing or collections inquiries
  • Need to resolve faulty or incomplete contact information

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