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Integrated 411

Integrated 411 is a real-time system that allows your computer systems to lookup information on our computer systems. Integrated 411 uses XML queries over the internet to provide you immediate access to 411 contact information for your business applications. You can use any component of the name, address or phone number record as a query.

Here's an example application. Although there are almost unlimited applications for this service, the simplest and most basic application would be to retrieve a person's phone number based on the name and address they enter into a website. Your systems would capture the user's name and address then transmit it to PacificEast via Integrated 411. Integrated 411 would execute a query for all information related to that name and address and return it to your system. Your system could initiate an immediate call to the phone number or save the phone number as an update to your database. All this happens in sub-second time. As a result, your database is populated with current, accurate and CASS standardized data that can then be relied upon for fulfillment or additional client contact purposes. For technical details on entire line of Integrated data products, see our Developer's Guide.

The Integrated 411 database includes 99.9% of all publically available telephone company information nationwide including residential, business and government listings. To ensure data quality, the Integrated 411 database receives up to 500,000 changes, additions and deletions on a daily basis from over 700 telephone companies nationwide.

In addition to our general purpose Integrated 411 product, we also have other special purpose Real-time, integrated products:

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