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Interactive 411

Interactive 411 gives you instant and direct access to the most current and accurate Directory Assistance (DA) data at a fraction of typical DA costs. Lookup telephone numbers, validate addresses and perform reverse searches and other common skip tracing tools like phone number lookups, all in sub-second time at your fingertips.

PacificEast's Interactive 411 gives you web-access to a database which includes 99.9% of all publically available telephone company data nationwide including residential, government and business listings. Every 24 hours, over 700 telephone companies throughout the U.S. submit in excess of 500,000 additions, deletions and changes to the data.

As a result, the 411 directory data is maintained at the highest possible standard of currency and accuracy. To further enhance data quality, all duplicates are removed and the data is cleansed, standardized and CASS certified for mailing purposes.

Since you have complete control, these skip tracing services are ideal for letting you search by...

  • Name and address for a telephone number
  • Phone number to find a name and address
  • Address to find names and numbers
  • Businesses or Residences simultaneously or separately
The benefits of Interactive 411 are...

  • Convenient web access available 24/7
  • Proprietary technology for optimal searching capability
  • High data quality and currency
  • Unpublished listings are identified
  • Copy and paste features
  • Up to 30 records returned for a single match price
PacificEast's Interactive 411 product can be used to get results that are equivalent to these batch products:

US Headquarters
4900 SW Griffith Dr, Ste 251
Beaverton, OR 97005

Canadian Headquarters
273 - 8661 201st St
Langley, BC V2Y 0G9

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