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Phone Append

Phone Append processes use the name and address information (and sometimes other data) you already have to find phone numbers. But PacificEast doesn't just have one flavor of Phone Append, we have seven. Our business information services have access to the largest number of independent contact data repositories (both public and private) in North America so we can make sure you get the best phone number available to meet your needs. For a quick reference to all of our Phone Append products check out the Quick Reference chart below.

If you’d like to know more about appending phone numbers, click here to receive our whitepaper.

Why not have just one product like most Phone Append service companies? Simple: because not all phone numbers are the same and because phone number availability depends on your company. The best available phone number varies by several different factors including:

  • Your type of industry (or in some cases, your customer's type of industry)
  • What you plan to do with the phone number
  • Whether or not you have "Permissable Use"
  • The geographic location of the phones for which you are searching
  • The types of phones for which you are searching
In order to serve this wide variety of uses and industries, PacificEast's line of Phone Append products include:

  • Compiled / Whitepages – Compiled (sometimes referred to as "whitepage") Phone Append provides you with access to the largest number of phone numbers at the lowest price point. This repository is generally updated monthly with new numbers. If you're looking for the best price, this is your best choice.

  • 411 / Directory Assistance – Directory Assistance Phone Append (sometimes referred to as DA or 411) provides you with the highest level of currency and accuracy. Data in this repository is updated daily in most cities with new listings, disconnects and contact data changes directly by the relevant phone company. If you're looking for the most current data, this is your best buy. Since this repository of residential data is considered a publically available source, DA & 411 phone numbers are available to all companies for any legal purpose.

  • Business – Business phone numbers are available in the Business Phone Append. This repository has the same quality and recency as our residential 411 data, but contains only listings for businesses.

  • Restricted – PacificEast's Restricted product line includes the premier repository of non-public phone numbers in the US. This repository is available only for specific uses. Some of these uses depend on your industry so we recommend contacting us for details on your planned use and we can tell you if any of our Restricted products are right for you. Our restricted repository includes cell phone numbers, unpublished and unlisted residential and business phone numbers. If you're tired of "number not found" messages and are not making outbound marketing calls, this repository might be right for you. (Note: This product requires an additional data use addendum to be signed.)

  • Restricted Landline – This version of our Restricted Phone Append product does not include cell phone numbers. This is most useful for companies that are allowed to use restricted phones but for other reasons cannot make calls to cell or wireless phones. (Note: This product requires an additional data use addendum to be signed.)

  • United Kingdom / UK Call Prep - Like our other phone appending services, our UK Call Prep service that covers the United Kingdom finds and verifies telephone numbers based on the names and addresses you provide. However, in the UK regulations and systems aren't identical to those in North America; even the processes considered "best practice" differ between the UK and US. Our UK Call Prep service performs the essential elements of appending phone numbers but also automatically checks phone numbers against the UK Telephone Preference System, or TPS. TPS, like DNC in the US and Canada, ensures it's ok for the number to be called even without previous permission. In the UK (where the calling number pays the bill) the regulations for calling cell phones are different than in the US and Canadian (where the called number pays the bill). We've designed our UK Call Prep system to work seamlessly along with our other phone append services so PacificEast can be your single, one-stop shop for phone appending in the US, Canada and the UK.

  • Canada – PacificEast's repository of Canadian data brings you access to another 14 million Canadian phone numbers including both businesses and consumers. In Canada data "currency" varies by province with some provinces allowing daily updates and some monthly updates. If you are either a Canadian business looking for new customers or a business outside Canada with a desire to market to or contact businesses and consumers within Canada, this is a great choice.

  • SSN – Also called an SSN Search Contact Append, this product appends not just a phone number but also a full name and address from a social security number and surname. (Note: This product requires an additional data use addendum to be signed.)
For full details about use of data we recommend contacting your Account Manager or our Sales Department.
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