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Reverse on Phone

Reverse On Phone encompasses a suite of products that use a phone number to return name and address information. Reverse On Phone is the "other side of the coin" of our Phone Append products which start with names and address and return a phone. Like our Phone Append line, PacificEast provides several different flavors of Reverse Phone Lookup. Unlike Phone Append, phone reverse lookup returns both businesses and residences so there aren't separate products for those two types of contact data. However, PacificEast's Reverse On Phone products tell you which kind of data is being returned.

  • Compiled / Whitepages – Compiled (sometimes referred to as "whitepage") Reverse Phone Number Append provides you with access to the largest selection of contact data at the lowest price point. This repository is generally updated monthly with new contact records. If you're looking for the best price, this is your best choice.

  • 411 / Directory Assistance – Directory Assistance Reverse On Phone Append (sometimes referred to as a "Reverse Phone Directory" search or lookup) provides you with the highest level of currency and accuracy. Data in this repository is updated daily in most cities with new listings, disconnects and contact data changes directly by the relevant phone company. If you're looking for the most current data, this is your best buy. Since this repository is considered a publically available source, DA & 411 listings are available to all companies for any legal purpose.

  • Restricted – PacificEast's Restricted product line features the premier repository of non-public phone numbers in the US. This repository is available only for specific uses. Some of these uses depend on your industry so we recommend contacting us for details on your planned use and we can tell you if any of our Restricted products are right for you. Our restricted repository includes cell phone numbers, unpublished and unlisted residential and business phone numbers. (Note: This product requires an additional data use addendum to be signed.) Our repository facilitates reverse cellphone lookups (also known as "reverse ANI lookups") that help you answer the question "whose phone is this?"

Other Phone-Centric Products

Although Reverse On Phone products typically refer only to those which return the name and address of a phone listing PacificEast offers other products which start with a Phone Number.

  • Do Not Call – determine if a phone number is on the US State, National, or Canadian Federal do-not-call lists.
  • Line Identification Append – find out the type or carrier of a phone number.
  • FullStatus – detect if a telephone is current and active.
  • Screen Pop

Screen Pop

PacificEast has assembled the only system in North America that includes data from ALL the best directory assistance and private number repositories. PacificEast has the only line of screen pop products that cover both the United States and Canada. Our products provide you with the capability to:

  • Find who is calling
  • Find where the call is coming from
  • Find address by phone number
  • Find name by phone number
  • Find which carrier they are using
  • Find what kind of number is calling (landline, wireless, VoIP, etc.)
A Screen Pop is a specialized real-time information set used by automated systems to pre-populate a screen of information for a person. They are typically used in an inbound call-handling environment where a call is received by an Interactive Voice Response unit (IVR) or routed to an operator by an ACD (Automatic Call Distributor). The screen pop protocol uses the calling number to query a database for any information on file related to that specific calling number.

Good quality Screen Pop services can often provide enough high-quality information that your ACD and IVR may be able to properly process your customer's request without ever routing the call to an operator. Since human operator time is one of the biggest cost factors in a call center, the more often a call is routed to an operator, the greater the call center's costs. So the quality of a call center's source for customer data has a direct and considerable effect on data center costs.

Getting a high quality instantaneous data feed from PacificEast means your operators will spend as little time as possible doing data entry.

The phone records used for this product are restricted from use for marketing activities. But if your call center is trying to route calls, prevent fraud, reduce data entry errors or validate the caller's identity, we can help you plug this information directly into your systems.

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