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Special Services

Do you have one of those "everything" drawers in your kitchen? This is the drawer that has a little bit of everything in it...things you need but don't really have any other place to keep. Special Services is our "everything drawer" containing products that many of our customers find invaluable but don't easily align to any of our other products.

  • Phantom Match
    One of the problems with databases more than four years old is that you can no longer tell if contacts within the database have moved since the even the best US Postal Service Change Of Address repository only shows moves that have occurred within the last 48 months. But even though there is no way to tell if a move occurred more than four years ago, you can ensure that your records are addressed to the current occupant. This is the service that our "Phantom Match" process performs. Phantom Match returns the current name for a matched address when the name does not match the one you have on file. This product is an important part of a mail hygiene and preparation program and is especially valuable for direct mailers.

  • Prison Suppression
    Prison Suppression allows specific suppression and removal of records with prison addresses.

  • Deceased Check
    PacificEast's Deceased Check cross-references your records with those of the Social Security Administration and other proprietary sources of death information, marking any of your records it finds to you know you can safely remove them from your systems.

  • Merge/Purge
    Our advanced Merge/Purge process provides a full range of standard and optional features for matching names and addresses from multiple sources. Our flexible logic includes, but is not limited, to the following 4 levels:
    • Individual Level – selects one record from each set of records with the same given name, surname and street address
    • Household Level – selects one record from each set of records with the same surname and street address
    • Address Level – selects one record from each set of records with the same street address
    • Business Level – similar to Household Level, but also removes duplicates at the business name and contact name levels

  • Custom Data Processing
    There can be times when what you're looking for isn't on a list anywhere. If there is some kind of special processing that you're just not finding in our other lists of products, just give us a call. We often do special one-off data cleaning processes for our customers. Here are a few of the types of process we have performed before:
    • Splitting - splitting a file into separate record sets based on the client's criteria. For example, splitting a file based on the state or splitting a file into recordsets grouped on the third field
    • Parsing - parsing two or more fields, names, address, etc.
    • Name Salutations - creating an expression or greeting
    • Nth select - This service helps you to achieve the appropriate number of mailing that is required by the mailer by evenly selecting every other record or by however many number of records the mailer would need.
    • Segmentation - There are times when mailers would like to send out mail pieces to certain geographic regions based on their selection criteria, this service will help mailers in segmenting their file during a Merge/Purge process.
    • Re-Casing - Converting the case in your file (for example: mr. bob smith to MR. BOB SMITH or Mr. Bob Smith).

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