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SS7/Telephone Network Lookups

If you need to know that a phone number is active right this minute, you need to ask the phone network itself. These types of queries against the phone network itself are generally referred to as an SS7 lookup. SS7 is a network of computer systems and databases the phone system uses to figure out how to connect any two telephones anywhere in the global network. The data it uses to do this is generally updated every 5 minutes. PacificEast integrates a variety of types of SS7 lookups into several of its existing services. However, we are often asked to create custom applications that combine aspects of SS7 lookups with other data assets to provide a custom solution tailored to a customer's specific needs. Examples of common requests are for caller id lookups (also known as CNAM lookups) that, with the proper permissible uses, can provide additional information about a caller identity. If you don't find something pre-built that you believe will meet your needs in the list below, give us a call. We love a good challenge!

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