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Data Appending Solutions

Data Append processes use the information you already know to find information you need. If you know the name of a person and where they live we can help you locate a phone number for them. Likewise, if you know a phone number, we can fill in a name and address for a business or an individual. There are many more combinations. Click here for all the combinations and for more details about how our appending processes work.

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Real Time Solutions

Many companies like to send us a file to clean and return or even look up information on-line a record at a time. However, if you'd like to give your internal computer systems the high-speed access to the best contact and reference data available you may want to use PacificEast's real-time solutions. These machine-to-machine capabilities allow your computer systems to access PacificEast's solutions directly with no need for human intervention. Most, but not all of our products and solutions are available in real-time versions. Click here to see more details.

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Phone Number Solutions

Whether you're trying to find the right phone number for an individual, family or business, trying to figure out what kind of device is at the other end of a phone number or need to find the name and address associated to a particular phone number we have the solution. We also have several special solutions relevant to call centers or for outbound telemarketers. Click here to see our full line of telephone number related products.

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Address Solutions

PacificEast has many different address-centric solutions ranging from cleaning, standardizing and finding addresses to trying to locate contact information relevant to a specific address. We can also help you determine if a person has moved via both proprietary methods and the National Change Of Address systems of both the US and Canada.

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Data Scrubbing Solutions

Data, like just about everything else in life, gets dirty if you don't clean it occasionally. The more you use it the more if needs to be cleaned. Data Scrubbing is a general term that applies to many different solutions. These can include filling in missing data, standardizing it so others can use it more easily, as well as ensuring your data is current or verifying it is valid. PacificEast can help you with all of these standard data scrubbing needs. However, everyone's data is different so we recommend checking out these details or contacting us for a detail solution for your specific data cleaning need.

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Interactive Solutions

If you have a need for only occasional use of one of our data solutions or if you have an application like fraud prevention research for which there is no substitute for human interaction then you may want to consider one of PacificEast's Interactive Solutions. PacificEast offers a web-based human interface version for all of our real-time solutions and products. Additionally, if you'd like to integrate one of our solutions into your corporate website for easier use within your company or for a consistent look and feel, we can quickly build a version specifically to match your company website's design.

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Email Solutions

Email addresses are more and more becoming the contact method of choice. However the availability and validity of email addresses can vary widely. PacificEast has assembled what we believe to be the best suite of email-related contact products on the market today. If you have a name and address or a phone number and need to obtain an email address, or if you have an email address and need a name and address we can help you. And as always, PacificEast can integrate an email solution into a more complex combination of other solutions in order to give you exactly the information you need.

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Validation Solutions

PacificEast's Validation Solutions are designed to give you confidence about the information you already have or to fill in missing pieces. Validation solutions that provide additional verification for data you already have (like names, addresses and phone numbers) are typically very affordable methods to check the validity and currency of information. Validation solutions also provide you with the opportunity to gain additional insight about the information you have. Click here for details about the kinds of questions PacificEast can help you answer.

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