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File / Batch Solutions

Ever since the days of punch cards data processing systems have been processing groups of records in what came to be called "batches". Over the years the term "batch file" came to refer to a file containing multiple records which all needed the same form of processing. PacificEast supports this file-at-a-time data processing methodology in which our customers send us a file on which they want some cleaning, appending or other data service performed. For simplicity, PacificEast (not to mention everyone else we know of) just calls this "batch".

PacificEast can process just about any file format or type you can imagine. We don't make you conform to a particular file format, layout or specification. (We don't think you should have to bend over backwards just to use our services.) All you need to do is FTP the file to us and we'll get started. (If you're not sure what FTP is, just call us and we can walk you through how to send us a file for processing.) That's the simple overview. If you want more details, read on.

If you plan on sending us files on some regular schedule or at least periodically, we need to have a work order setup that specifies exactly what kind of processing you want done to your file. Our account managers will set this up for you the first time and even train you on how to do this yourself if you would like. Once a work order is setup, you just upload a file into the work order and the processing you've ordered starts up. When your file processing has completed, we'll send you an email notification. You simply download your file with the same program you used to send it. For a tutorial on our workorder system, see the video below.

If you have the same file format each time PacificEast offers several methods of streamlining and simplifying the process. Please check with your Account Manager for more details.

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