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Email Solutions

email addresses Email addresses are, more and more, becoming the contact method of choice. However, the availability and validity of email addresses can vary widely. PacificEast has assembled what we believe to be the best suite of email-related contact products on the market today. If you have a name and address or a phone number and need to obtain an email address, or if you have an email address and need a name and address we can help you. And as always, PacificEast can integrate an email solution into a more complex combination of other solutions in order to give you exactly the information you need.

There are primarily 2 types of email solutions:

  • Email Append - A standard email append (available in either consumer or business versions) operates by looking up an existing name and address and returning an email address. Email addresses provided have gone through an opt-in process if they are to be used for marketing purposes. This means you already know the email address is valid and the receiver is willing to accept your email. Other configurations are available for non-marketing uses that do not require a preliminary opt-in process.
  • Reverse Email Append - A reverse email append starts with an email address and looks up associated name, address and telephone contact data. PacificEast also supports real-time (instant) reverse email appending for customers in the fraud prevention sector. Our match rate averages 65% and many of our results return an indication of how long the email address ha been active.
What you need to know about CAN-SPAM compliance

can-spamIn 2003, the US passed a law known popularly as the CAN-SPAM act. CAN-SPAM lays down the rules for communicating to both businesses and consumers via email. Click here for a document produced by the Federal Trade Commission that details what you can and what you can’t do.

If your message is commercial in nature (you are asking to sell the receiver a product or service) then you must follow all of the CAN-SPAM guidelines. (Non-profits should note that they aren’t necessarily exempt from CAN-SPAM compliance like they are from many aspects of Do-Not-Call compliance.) If, however, your message is transactional, meaning that the content of the message is pertinent to a particular transaction already initiated between you and the email receiver, then there are only a couple rules you need to follow.

For details on how to submit batch files for either of these processes, see our YouTube video here.

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