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Phone Number Solutions

phones Whether you're trying to find the right phone number for an individual, family or business, trying to figure out what kind of device is at the other end of a phone call or needing to find the name and address associated to a particular phone number, we have the solution.

  • Phone Append – PacificEast provides you with several different types of phone append services. Click here for details about each.
  • Have a phone number but need a name and address? We have different types of Phone Searches.
  • Do you want to know where somewhere is calling from? Do you have a phone number, but need to know more about the actual device or service carrier? For all of these applications you need Line Identification Append.
  • Would you like to know if a phone is on a do-not-call list? PacificEast can process your file through both the US National (FTC) DNC list as well as all relevant state lists.
  • For details on how to submit batch files for any of these processes, see our YouTube video here.
We also have several special solutions that are most relevant to both inbound and outbound call centers.

  • Screen Pop and Reverse Phone Search applications allow an inbound call center's IVR to obtain name and address information even before their operator or automated call handler picks up the call.
  • There is only one way to tell if a phone number is active with up to 5 minute accuracy. For this kind of precision, you'll need one of our SS7 network query services. Check out our SS7-based product page to get more details.
  • Anyone making outbound calls for marketing purposes must verify either that their purpose is exempted from the FTC's rules for calling or must verify that the number they are calling is not on one of the many Do-Not-Call (DNC) lists.
If you don't see the information listed here that you're trying to find related to a phone number, please contact us. We have considerable in-house expertise on telephone-centric information. If we can't supply what you're looking for, we'll point you in the right direction.

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