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Validation & Verification Solutions

validation magnifying glass PacificEast's Validation Solutions are designed to give you confidence about the information you already have or to fill in missing pieces. Validation solutions that provide additional verification for data you already have (like names, addresses and phone numbers) are very affordable methods to check the validity and currency of information. Validation solutions also provide you with the opportunity to gain additional insight about the information you have. For example, if you validate a name, address and phone number against a 411 repository you'll know the phone number is current and dialable and that that individual currently lives at that address.

PacificEast offers several different types of validation:

  • Phone Append with Inline Validation - Phone Append with Inline Validation is a hybrid of two products: Phone Append and Validation. This product requires the submission of a name, address and phone number. The first process, the Phone Append, looks up the best known phone number for the supplied name and address. The second process, Inline Validation, compares the phone number supplied in the original query to the most recent phone number found. If the phone number field in your file is empty and a phone is found, the phone number is appended. If you already have a phone number in your file one of two things can happen. If the supplied phone number matches the found phone number, the record is marked as verified. If the phone numbers are different, the newer number is appended to the file. The value of "inline validation" is that the price to validate an existing phone is usually about half the price to fill in a missing phone number or provide an updated number. Inline Validation is an option available for most, but not all, Phone Append products.

  • Pure Validation - Pure validation provides verification that all the elements within a contact record are valid and belong to each other. An excellent and very affordable way to ensure your internal database stays up-to-date is to periodically check it using our Pure Validation process. Any no-longer-valid records can be researched further using a Phone Append process combined with a check against a change-of-address system like NCOA. We can assemble just the right combination of processes you need in a matter of minutes. Another common use of Pure Validation is for outbound callers with a file containing more phone numbers than they think they'll need. Pure Validation lets them cull through their file for just the current, active numbers.

  • TelifiedTM - TelifiedTM uses Telephone Carrier Billing Data to confirm the name, address and phone number supplied in on-line orders is really valid, verify that existing and new leads are valid and deliverable to an address and/or telephone, verify that the contact information on record for a customer has not changed and that the customer has not moved, and provide an alternative to credit verification for those with a thin credit file or those trying to establish credit.

For details on how to submit batch files for any of these processes, see our YouTube video here.

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