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Web Service Solutions

To paraphrase the Bard: A web service by any other name would smell like a real-time transaction. Web services are just a type of real-time transactions so why list them separately? The simplest answer is that some of our customers and prospects think of and refer to these machine-to-machine transactions as XML or real-time and others refer to them as web services. A Web Service is a bit newer term for accessing a computer service over the internet. We also like the term Data-as-a-Service, or DaaS. But no matter what you call these services they're really just a way of allowing two separate computer systems to have a conversation. Specifically, our web services allow your computer system to pass a question to us and to understand the answer we send back. It’s really that simple: you ask; we answer.

The alternative to using other computer systems to answer your questions is for you to find all the answers yourself, sign contracts with all of those answer providers, have them send you all the potential answers to all potential question, then build your own system that searches through all of that information for the right answer. For some companies that's the right decision to make, but for many companies and organizations it's better to outsource some questions to subject matter experts. PacificEast can't answer all questions, but we're experts on how to answer question about contact information... names, address, phone numbers and email addresses. It's what we do... in fact if you boil down all of our products, services and capabilities to a set of common denominators it's all we do. We're experts in the science of doing this but are also well practiced in it as an art form. But enough about us. This is about you and the questions you're trying to get answered so let's go back to how Web Services can help you.

When you're trying to sort out Web Services we think it's easiest to start with the question. The question is based on the information you already know and can send in to request an answer. For example, if you have a phone number but don't have the name and address, the phone number is the question and the name and address will be the answer. In "Web Service Speak", we call the question the "query" and the answer the "result". Below we've listed the Web Services we have available and organized them by the question they answer.

Question/Query Answer/Result Our Product Name(s) Our Web Service(s)
Phone Number Name, Address Integrated GetListings,
Phone Number Carrier, Type, Location, Ported? Line Identification Append GetLineIdentification_Premium
Phone Number Carrier, Type, Name, Address ReversePhone,
Phone Number Active & Dialable, Name, Address FullStatus GetPhoneStatus_Full
Address Parsed Address, Valid?, Deliverable? DataMax CleanAddress
Address Name, Phone Number Integrated GetListings
Address, Phone Name Integrated GetListings
Name, Address Phone Number Integrated GetListings
Name, Address, Phone Found or not found? Integrated GetListings
Name, Phone Address Integrated GetListings

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