BrandDelivery™ Is a Solution, Not a BandAid

BrandDelivery™ Is a Solution, Not a BandAid

Technology rules our current world, with cell phones ranking at the top of the ‘most important tech’ list. On average, Americans will check their phones 344 times per day (that is once every 4 minutes!) So if everyone is on their phones all day, why aren’t they picking up important calls?

Technology works to make our lives easier. Your cell phone has gone from something originally used to make calls while away from home, to a computer that fits in your pocket. With its newly enhanced abilities, cell phones can also tell you when ‘spam’ or a ‘telemarketer’ are calling right? The answer is… kind of. When you receive a call from a number not listed in your phone’s contacts, your phone carrier routinely marks the call as ‘spam’, ‘telemarketer’, or ‘unknown’, letting you know that it’s probably not worth answering. At first glance, this seems like a good thing since no one has the time to be bogged down by fraudulent or annoying phone calls. But most people don’t realize they are also missing important calls from their healthcare providers, financial advisors, children’s schools, or other organizations they’d like to speak to because these calls are also being marked as spam. 

So how can an organization stop this from happening? Enter BrandDelivery. Like cell phones, software solutions are also advancing to make our lives easier and our organizations run smoothly. BrandDelivery is one of these solutions. It allows organizations to display their brand name on caller ID without the call recipient saving this brand name as a contact. This results in the risk of a call being blocked or marked as spam to be mitigated, and contact rates increase. The best thing about BrandDelivery is that it takes your chosen display name and relays it to all major phone carriers at once, covering over 360 million consumers—without demanding you switch to a new call center (CCaaS) platform, or requiring call recipients to download an app for the service to work.

The Difference BrandDelivery Makes

What improvement might you expect by using a branded caller ID in your industry? A health insurer’s answer rate increased by 41.6% with BrandDelivery, while a national nonprofit’s answer rate increased by 43.8%. A company calling investors about their accounts had their answer rate boosted by 133%. Read the full BrandDelivery™ case studies statistics to gauge the benefit of branded calling for your industry.

Because of BrandDelivery, doctors can reach a patient with good news, small businesses receive notifications of paid bills, students learn they’ve been accepted to universities, nonprofits gain donations to support communities ravaged by natural disasters, and investors are able to participate in voting for companies in which they own stocks, and, the list goes on.

We care about your organization and the difference you make in people’s lives when you’re able to connect. Don’t let your calls continue to go unanswered. Reach your audience with BrandDelivery.