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Solve your information problems using our suite of data verification products

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Our data verification products help you gain confidence in the information you have and to fill in what you don’t.

We support you with a suite of highly accurate, cost-effective verification products, including Phone Append with inline verification and Telified™.

Phone Append with Inline Verification

This hybrid product combines Phone Append and inline verification to determine the most accurate contact information.

First, Phone Append determines the best known phone number for the supplied name and address.

Next, inline verification compares the phone number supplied in the original query to the most recent number found, either filling in the missing phone number or replacing the existing record with the more recent result.

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Data Verification
Data Verification


Using telephone company billing information for the purpose of identity verification and fraud prevention, Telified directly accesses authoritative reference sources to deliver results instantly over the internet.

Quickly verify whether a consumer’s name, address, and phone number are current, active, and valid.

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