Real-Time Fraud Prevention Solutions

Defend your organization with consumer identity verification and risk mitigation services

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Your single source for fraud prevention

Our award-winning, web-based portal system provides you instant access to the industry’s best contact and reference data in North America.

Verify identities, authenticate consumers, and reduce the risk of selling products and services over the internet in only a few clicks.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention made simple

Gain access to our proprietary e-commerce fraud management system, FlexiQuery™, and our identity verification service, Telified™.


FlexiQuery integrates distinct fraud prevention and identity research capabilities into a single, one-stop web application — whether for e-commerce, law enforcement, or skip tracers

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Telified draws on telephone company billing information to assist with identity verification and fraud prevention — delivering results instantly over the internet

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Better fraud prevention in real-time

  • Verify names, addresses, and telephone numbers of ship-to addresses in the US and Canada
  • Confirm the ship-to address against the mortgage holder on record
  • Confirm the phone number service type as well as the name and address of the subscriber
  • Detect whether a phone number is bogus and, if valid, where it’s registered
  • Obtain the bank name and contact information for the credit card being used
  • Find additional contact information to assist you with collection or credit inquiries
  • Identify the location of an IP address or other risk factors like trying to mask its location
  • Determine if a ship-to address is a mail drop or a freight forwarder

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