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Telecom operations are complicated; let us make things a little easier

Leverage our decades of experience and long standing relationships with our telecom industry partners to access the data you need at the moment you need it or to make sure your subscribers’ caller data gets where it needs to go to help your subscriber’s calls hit their target.

You Need

For call terminators: Up-to-date Calling Name (CNAM). For call originators, distribution of your subscriber caller name data through national caller data networks.

You Provide

For call terminators: the inbound ANI. For call originators, your telephone numbers and associated caller data.

We Return

For call terminators: Accurate Calling Name. For call originators, better connect rates for your subscribers.

Telecom services tailored to your organization’s needs

Our work in telecom for the last 30 years has been about building solutions that make important telecom services accessible by paving the road through a maze of red tape, which discourages companies that require a quick solution. We will work tirelessly to get you where you need to be and have earned a reputation as a trustworthy, reliable, and customer oriented source. Our pre-built solutions below may be what you’re looking for, but don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss how we can solve your telecom problems and allow you focus on what you do best.


Get your subscriber calling name into the right hands so their outbound calls aren’t blocked

BrandDelivery simplifies distribution of your subscriber’s rich caller data (their name, address, URL, logo, etc.) to traditional CNAM distribution channels as well as the new Analytics and Caller Data (ACD) platforms used by mobile operators to protect their subscribers.

Once you transmit your subscriber data to us we handle distribution to all the providers for both platforms, so your subscriber’s validated data is available nationally for those who need it. We can also include your subscriber data in PacificEast’s own IDV/KYC platform used in millions of IDV and KYC transactions each month.

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Accurate caller identification you can count on

Caller ID made simple with the best CNAM listings in the industry appended directly to your existing data.

PacificEast has access to authoritative CNAM listings for the entirety of the US and Canada in addition to toll free listings. Our solution is easily implemented and gives you the ability to seamlessly access live CNAM.

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Check if inbound calls are safe to connect or if outbound calls from your numbers are likely to connect

If you’re trying to protect your subscribers from unwanted inbound calls, our Telecom Phone Risk Score service can help you spot potential spam callers or caller-ID spoofers. Simply plug our PRS score into your inbound call handling systems and use it to differentiate legitimate callers, so you can preemptively block calls from suspect numbers for your subscribers.

You can also use PRS to pre-screen numbers before leasing them from carriers to see if they will perform well for your subscribers.

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A wholistic approach to identity verification

If you need to verify a consumers identity Telified is the tool for you.

The Telified Collection of consumer identity verification services was the first commercially-available platform to validate against telephone company billing information for identity verification and fraud prevention. We offer one of the largest repositories of non-public phone numbers in the US and we’ll help you implement our solution with ease.

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Consumer identity verification and coverage across the globe

Our CNAM service queries across a wide range of SN codes and provides authoritative access to CNAM listings for the entirety of the US and Canada (in addition to toll free listings). This broad level of authoritative coverage is mirrored in our Telified-IC solution, which provides phone number and address verification for more than 100 countries worldwide. Click the button below to download a detailed PDF of our global coverage.

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