Data Validation Solutions

Quickly confirm the accuracy and validity of your consumer data

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Be confident in your data

Our data validation solutions help you to gain confidence in the data you already have — such as names, addresses, and phone numbers — while filling in missing data.

Gain additional insight into this information, such as if a phone number is current and dialable.

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Data Validation

Maintain data quality and freshness with dataPRIME

dataPRIME is a suite of data hygiene and identification processes designed to keep your consumer data current and complete.

Validate and standardize consumer data

Improve call center productivity and sales conversion rates

Ensure the accuracy of address data and reduce mailing costs

Correct incomplete or misspelled address elements

Components of dataPRIME

Address Correction

Identify, standardize, and correct missing or inaccurate address data


Identify consumers who have moved and update records with current information

Date of Birth

Append date of birth data to relevant input records

Persistent ID Code

Append a unique identification number to each record, enabling significantly increased flexibility within a given dataset

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