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Purpose-designed for fraud prevention, law enforcement, and manual order review, FlexiQuery provides quick, cost-effective access to consumer verification data.

FlexiQuery use cases

FlexiQuery enables you to optimize your operations and reduce fraud risk by helping:

  • Verify names, addresses, and telephone numbers of ship-to addresses in the US and Canada
  • Confirm the ship-to address against the mortgage holder on record
  • Confirm the phone number service type as well as the name and address of the subscriber
  • Detect whether a phone number is bogus and, if valid, where it’s registered
  • Obtain the bank name and contact information for the credit card being used
  • Find additional contact information to assist you with collection or credit inquiries
  • Identify the location of an IP address and other risk factors like trying to mask its location
  • Determine if a ship-to address is a mail-drop or a freight forwarder
  • Increase the efficiency and security of your manual order review process

FlexiQuery is beneficial if you:

Are involved with any part of the manual order review process

Perform any skip tracing or collections inquiries

Need to resolve inaccurate or incomplete contact information

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