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Access tailored data solutions that help identify and solve your organization’s information problems

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Custom solutions, optimized workflows

Your organization is unique, so why choose one-size-fits-all data services? Our customized solutions outperform our off-the-shelf competitors because these products are purpose-built for your needs, challenges, and workflows.

Choose from our suite of highly-accurate data services

Partner with our team members to find the perfect combination

Pay only for the products your organization needs and uses

Access updated batch data within 24 hours or in real-time via API

How our customization process works

Step 1

We consult with you to gain a deeper understanding of your business problems and how we can help solve them

Step 2

Drawing from our existing suite of data products, we construct a custom solution that meets your needs

Step 3

We partner with you to painlessly implement the custom solution and follow through to ensure its’ success

A passion for problem solving

We thrive on data problems — whether simple or complex. We’re committed to providing data solutions that expertly match your organization’s needs, as we’ve done in the following use cases.

Outbound Call Center

A customer’s call center was making automated outbound calls to shareholders on behalf of many corporations. The challenge was that each corporation sent them shareholder contact information in a different format.

We analyzed these varied data formats and built a custom parsing algorithm, which picked out key data, cleaned up the file, identified the current phone number for the corrected contact information, and provided our customer with an accurate, properly formatted result file.

Direct Mail House

For years, we processed a direct mail file for one of our largest customers. While they were happy with our services, they were struggling internally because their information technology team didn’t understand the nuances of their data. We partnered with them to analyze their internal data workflows and help them clean up and simplify their processes.

Once the workflow analysis was complete, we assisted them with ongoing data maintenance tasks and worked side-by-side with their IT team to ensure their data processes were clean, efficient, and productive.

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