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Since our launch in 1990, we’ve helped organizations to identify and solve problems with customer, subscriber, or member information.

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Accuracy, Security, Speed & Superb Customer Service

Beginning with the information you already have, we leverage our network of data partners to fill in the missing pieces, providing you accurate, critical data you need to reach your customers, subscribers, and members.

Whether you work in a small business, nonprofit, Fortune 100 corporation, or government institution, our team members partner with you to develop a suite of solutions that address your data challenges. Our tireless dedication to compliance and security helps us to keep you current with government and industry regulations.


About Us

Meet Our Team

Garth focuses on building bridges. He loves to span the differences and join the dots between opportunities, people, business structures and international tax regimes. This is the source for his compulsion to open up conversation and ask questions from anyone who has a pulse. He hikes, fishes and spends time at the gym.
Garth Froese
Scott is the resident data nerd. Formerly Scott was a principal data scientist for one of the big 3 credit bureaus and in his youth was a computer programmer. Scott loves data and learning about how companies use it – if you get him started about it you will want to bring a chair (or better yet, a blanket and pillow). Scott writes and blogs and spends his spare time constantly remodeling his house.
Scott Rice
As the head of our technology department, Tom is in charge of the team that builds and maintains our products and services. Tom is passionate about building products that will help make our customers successful and providing first rate support. In his spare time Tom enjoys reading, music and spending time with his family.
Tom Liebe
Ken is our numbers guy whose chief area of responsibility is keeping our money organized, our customers invoiced, our suppliers and employees paid and the very critical task of ensuring our Keurig is well stocked. But Ken isn’t what you normally think of when you think of an accountant. His daily driver is a convertible and for fun he rides his motorcycle on summer road trips.
Ken Dick
With three children under the age of 12, Dave is a terrific listener. He leverages his 25 plus years of international leadership and business development experience to work with businesses and organizations to find solutions to their problems. Dave is a devoted family man, home chef and spends his free time camping, fishing and practicing judo with his kids.
Dave Mori
Driven by a passion for communication and technology, Reece’s interests meet at the intersection of data and brand development. As a Marine Corps marketer and communicator, he built his love for serving others, solving problems, and communicating clearly. Reece finds joy in spending time with his family, volunteering in their community, and reading and learning.
Reece Lodder
Director, Government & Corporate Accounts
If you get a chance to speak to Stacey on the phone you’ll know immediately she’s from Texas. But don’t let the down home “y’all” fool you; she’s a force to be reckoned with. Stacey is responsible for accessing all of our great telecommunications data resources. Stacey came to us from one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world.
Stacey Halligan
Director, Carrier Relations
Sue, who focuses on sales into our telecom markets, was formerly our account manager at one of the largest US carriers. We liked working with her so much, when we heard she was leaving them we invited her to join our team. Sue’s decades of telecom experience and her specialization in verification and CNAM/LIDB hosting brings a rich perspective to our carrier focused initiatives. When Sue isn’t helping her customers she enjoys cooking and baking.
Sue Duffy
Director, Telecom
Engrained appreciation for the consumer perspective on outreach methods from 17 years of healthcare operations responsibilities. Enjoys addressing the finer points of golf’s short game as well as sampling the results of our many craft brew masters.
Karl Dean
Advisor, Healthcare Sector
Shannon has a degree from Arkansas State University and has more than 20 years experience in non-profit fundraising and call center operations.
Shannon Brennan
Advisor, Non-Profit Sector

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