Consumer Privacy Opt-Out Request

PacificEast does not maintain or store consumer information. However, if you are a consumer requesting to Opt-Out of your personal information passing through PacificEast’s systems, please fill out and submit the form below or send the requested information directly to As soon as the submitted information has been verified and we verify that you are legally eligible to request an Opt-Out, we will process your request. Please note that if this submission is made through a 3rd party opt-out “privacy” service, that service must provide valid contact information for the subject being opted-out. If you or a service provider submit invalid or generic information in the fields below, your request will likely not be able to be processed.

Privacy regulations require consumers to submit enough valid information to be verified. Submitting incorrect, invalid or insufficient information as part of your request will prevent your request from being processed. Therefore, please fill in all fields below with correct information for the individual being opted out. Finally, any communication regarding this form submission will be done via email and will be addressed to the email address entered below. If you do not enter a valid email address and do not respond to any requests for additional information which we may send to that email address, your request may not be processed. If you have any questions about our process, please send us an email at and we will be in touch with you right away.