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Premium data services as unique as your industry

Every industry has its challenges — whether it’s government or industry regulations, fraud, or audit compliance. At PacificEast, we stake our reputation on addressing these challenges with care and expertise. Our team of data, compliance, and security professionals work closely with your organization to configure a tailored combination of data sources and data quality improvement processes.

We work hard to help you rest easy, knowing your data is accurate, fresh, and secured by one of the premier data suppliers in North America and abroad.


Whether you’re working to improve communication with your patients, members, or insureds, rely on us to clean and enhance your healthcare consumer data while complying with strict industry and government regulations.

Our team eases your burden by quickly reviewing and processing your Business Associate Agreements and passing all required data security and compliance audits.

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Some companies are great at talking. Some companies are better at doing. PacificEast is the latter kind of company, which is why you may not have heard about us. But we’ve been working in the Telecom sector for over 30 years. PacificEast provides similar services as the big guys with well-known brands, but we spend our time talking to customers about what they need, not how great we are.

Our history in Telecom has been building and providing telecom related services for (literally) decades. We know what’s important to your operation and we know how to help you get it.

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Outdated or incorrect contact data slows down your nonprofits’ mission. Our identity services empower fundraising teams to more effectively and efficiently connect with members, donors, volunteers, and philanthropists.

Launch your next calling or fundraising campaign with help from the premier contact data available in today’s marketplace.

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Financial Services

Several of the largest financial service companies in North America rely on our state-of-the-art data retrieval and research services to help acquire missing data and prevent fraud.

Our knowledge of compliance issues in this arena, combined with our flexible data system designs, allows financial service companies to obtain from us the premium quality data services you need — quickly, efficiently, and in a safe and robust environment you can trust.

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Whether you’re a federal department, state agency, or in local government, purchasing from us is easy. We hold a coveted GSA Federal Supply Schedule, or Multiple Award Schedule, so getting started with us is simple and straightforward.

From health care to education, government, and law enforcement, we’re devoted to helping public sector organizations gain secure access to the data you need.

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There is inherent risk in selling products and services over the internet. Our suite of consumer identity verification and risk mitigation services help manage this risk.

Credibility in this industry is important. We’ve built ours by partnering with several of the top e-commerce retailers in North America to reduce fraud and chargebacks.

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Best in class for tailored data services

Quality data

Our data quality is industry-leading, positioning our consumer contact and identity verification services steps ahead of our competition.

Privacy savvy

We stake our reputation on top-level security and regulatory compliance.

Built on relationships

Strong relationships between our customers, vendors, and team members mean you gain access to superior data and skilled support to efficiently implement it.

Looking for real-time consumer contact and identity verification solutions?

Learn more about our easy-to-implement REST and SOAP API options from our real-time division, IDICIA.

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