Data Enrichment Solutions

Supplement your existing consumer contact information with our best-in-class data enrichment products

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Use the information you have to find the information you need.

Our data enrichment product allows you to fill the gaps in your consumer contact data.

Send us the data you have as a batch file or in real-time — whether contact names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security Numbers, or email addresses. We refresh your data and return it quickly.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment for all of your needs

No matter your use case, our team will help you determine which products fit your needs, budget, and develop a customized offering to match.

Phone Append

Leverage the largest number of independent contact data repositories to find telephone numbers using the name and address information you already have.

Reverse Phone Append

Identify current name and address information for businesses and individuals using only telephone numbers.

Email Append

Access valid business and consumer email addresses with the best suite of email-related contact products on the market.

Reverse Email Append

Find name, address and telephone information using valid email addresses.

Reverse Address Append

Derive current name and telephone information for businesses and individuals using only street addresses.

National Change of Address

Find current addresses for contacts who have moved using US Postal Service data.

Address Cleaning

Parse and compare data against the federal postal service to gain accurate, properly formatted information — a must-have for direct mail campaigns.


Maintain the quality and freshness of consumer data using address standardization, current address lookup, date of birth append, consolidation, and duplicate purge.

Available via batch or real-time API

Refreshed data within 24 hours

Send us the data you need enriched in the file format you prefer. We refresh and return it within 24 hours. Our team ensures this process is seamless.

Access data instantly

Send a query for data and receive an immediate response using our easy-to-implement REST and SOAP API options from IDICIA, our real-time division.

Connect with our team to learn how we help you identify and solve your information problems.

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