Data Compliance Solutions

We obsess over complex data regulations to help you stay compliant

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At PacificEast, our reputation is built on compliance and security

Compliance issues can drag your organization down. We’re here to help you prevent them.

Our team of experts work directly with you to tailor our services and data resources to help you stay compliant—and improve your data quality.

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Industry Compliance

Your trusted data compliance partner

A lack of understanding of industry and government data regulations can bring about negative consequences for your organization. Our team works tirelessly to stay current on regulations pertaining to your data use.


When it comes to handling, cleaning, and enhancing consumer data, HIPAA regulations require auditability, accountability, security, and documentation.

We draw on our deep experience with healthcare data solutions to quickly process Business Associate Agreements and pass all required healthcare data security and compliance audits.

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Financial Services

Financial services companies needs to obtain quality data quickly and efficiently in a safe, robust, and trusted environment.

We’re actively involved with the SANS Institute and Open Identity Exchange Industry group, which helps to keep us current on the security, quality, and identity issues critical to the financial services industry.

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Data products built for compliance

Within our robust suite of data enrichment products, several are built specifically to assist with compliance. These products are available via a batch file process or API through our real-time division, IDICIA.

Do Not Call

Clean your call lists using current Federal, State, and DMA Do-Not-Call Registry files.

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Line Identification Append

Ensure TCPA compliance by identifying the phone line type of a provided phone number.

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Email Append

Obtain up-to-date email addresses while remaining compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act.

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Ready to remove the burden of complex compliance requirements from your shoulders?

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