PacificEast Health Aims to Transform Healthcare Engagement

PacificEast Health Aims to Transform Healthcare Engagement

PacificEast Health will help healthcare organizations to improve audience engagement by providing accurate, complete contact information.

PORTLAND. SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 — PacificEast Research Inc. announced the launch of its PacificEast Health division. The new division will help healthcare organizations including payers, providers, staffing agencies, and nonprofits to engage with members, patients, providers, nurses, and donors more effectively.

“For the past three decades, PacificEast has helped our growing list of healthcare customers to find, update, and verify contact information for their audience members,” said PacificEast CEO Garth Froese. “In the last two years, we’ve had significant growth in our healthcare business, ranging from our fast expansion among the nation’s largest payers to our scaled-up support of prominent global healthcare nonprofits and industry-leading staffing agencies.”

COO Scott Rice said the growth in PacificEast’s healthcare-focused business drove the vision to establish a distinct brand that showcases PacificEast’s engagement data solutions for healthcare organizations.

“Every healthcare organization engages with customer audiences, whether to provide service to its members, care to patients, jobs for nurses, or gifting opportunities to donors,” Rice said. “As these individuals move, change their phone numbers, or start using new email addresses, healthcare organizations are left with inaccurate, incomplete contact data, which ruins their ability to reach them. Through PacificEast Health, we’ve gained a platform to speak to these problems and how we can solve them using better data, faster turnaround times, and excellent customer service you won’t receive anywhere else.”

For more information on PacificEast Health, visit or call 800-665-8400.