Branded Calling, Call Blocking Mitigation & Spam Labeling Prevention for Finance Industry Callers

Branded Calling, Call Blocking Mitigation & Spam Labeling Prevention for Finance Industry Callers

The most crucial communication channel Banks, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) companies use to connect with their customers is the phone. However, many BFSI companies have not yet branded their caller ID and are struggling with clients and customers ignoring unbranded calls. 

Many organizations that make legitimate calls to customers about their BFSI accounts are struggling with low contact rates. They are negatively impacted by blocked calls and being incorrectly marked as spam, scam, or telemarketer. This increases calling costs and frustrates customers who want or need to receive their calls. Guaranteeing outbound calls to mobile devices are branded with an organization’s name is the first step to increasing answer rates and quality engagements.

BrandDelivery displays an organization’s mobile caller ID on customers’ phones without needing to be manually saved as a contact. BrandDelivery takes your outbound dialing numbers, brands the caller ID with your organization’s name, and distributes this information to all major U.S. phone carriers—ensuring your calls to mobile devices are branded on Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Cricket Wireless, Xfinity Mobile, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Visible, and more. Complete campaigns on a shorter timeline, reduce operational costs, and control branding across the most crucial channel you use to connect with your customers via our BrandDelivery branded calling solution.

BrandDelivery Use Cases in the BFSI Sector

How can you use BrandDelivery? Below are some of the use cases that apply to our current BFSI clients: 

  • Calling subscribers about their accounts
  • Calling shareholders to gain proxy votes
  • Calling clients to verify investment information
  • Calling claimants to gather information for insurance claims
  • Calling customers in response to online contact form requests

When making outbound calls without a branded caller ID, a company calling investors about their accounts had an answer rate of 11.3%. After adding branded calling using BrandDelivery™, their answer rate increased by 133%.

This lift highlighted that it took fewer customer contacts to achieve more successful call events—426 successes from 1,625 customers who received branded calls (26.2%) compared to only 231 successes from 2,053 customers who did not receive branded calls (11.3%). 

Three out of four unidentified calls go unanswered. Unbranded calls can damage your client relationships and your bottom line. Consult with a specialist and start your 90-day paid Proof of Concept trial to see how BrandDelivery can make a difference for your business.