Everything You Need to Know About BrandDelivery™

Everything You Need to Know About BrandDelivery™

Looking to understand BrandDelivery a little more? You’ve come to the right place; PacificEast believes in complete transparency. We aim to help you understand exactly how BrandDelivery’s mobile call branding process works. We even hope to answer questions you weren’t aware you had before reading this blog. 

Using BrandDelivery is simple. You send us the numbers from which you are making outbound calls, the branded caller ID you want to be displayed, and we do the rest! We also provide you access to our portal where you can monitor your numbers and view your organization’s analytics, brand information, and important reports.

Frequently Asked Questions About BrandDelivery™

Q: Is there any sort of trial period for BrandDelivery?

A: We offer a 90-day paid Proof of Concept term. If you decide to terminate the service within 90 days, you wrap up and walk away. If you decide to continue with the service, you roll into an initial term. 

Q: Does your branded calling service work only on mobile phones or is there any landline coverage?

A: BrandDelivery brands calls solely to mobile devices. A separate service called CNAM (Caller ID Name) brands calls made only to landlines. These are different services but some organizations who use BrandDelivery also use CNAM in parallel.

Q: Does BrandDelivery work for texting?  

A: BrandDelivery currently supports branded calling to mobile devices across all major phone carriers. Adding branded texting/SMS messages is on our roadmap.

Q: Does my organization have to switch to a different calling platform (CCaaS software) to use BrandDelivery?

A: PacificEast is platform agnostic, meaning BrandDelivery will work with any calling platform you currently use or wish to use in the future.

Q: Will my organization be able to determine answer rates without providing any additional call log data?

A: Yes, one of the statistics BrandDelivery provides is your Average Answer Rate.

Q: If a call recipient has created a contact on his or her phone using my company’s phone number, would the name they entered for this contact override our branded caller ID?

A: Yes, a contact name manually entered into a call recipient’s mobile phone will override a branded caller ID.

Q: Do you provide data that tells us which percentage of our calls are currently answered before loading our numbers into BrandDelivery?

A: Prior to your numbers being loaded into BrandDelivery, we don’t have access to granular call data from these numbers due to government and phone carrier regulations. However, you may have CCaaS call log data that can help us establish your current answer rate. Part of our analysis during the 90-day paid Proof of Concept term is working with you to determine your answer rate lift when using BrandDelivery. We’ll review this with you based on the data you have and what we need to help with the analysis.

Q: Does PacificEast proactively monitor our numbers for spam tagging or unwanted branding that we might not otherwise know about, then tell us about it and resolve it with the carrier? Or, do we need to learn about it ourselves and report it to you for resolution?

A: Yes, we proactively monitor all outbound dialing numbers loaded into our BrandDelivery platform for their risk of being blocked, marked as spam/scam, or labeled with any other unwanted branding. Once your numbers are loaded into BrandDelivery, their likelihood of being blocked or marked as spam/scam decreases significantly as the carriers now know who the number belongs to, its branded caller ID, and the purpose for which you’re calling. If and when a number is blocked or marked as spam/scam, we work on your behalf with the carriers and their call analytics providers to redress it. This redressing process is swift and typically happens within a business day.

Q: If we use your branded calling service, does this eliminate the possibility that our number will be flagged by the carriers as “spam likely” or with a similar warning?

A: Once your numbers are loaded into BrandDelivery and attested to with the phone carriers we support (i.e., loaded into a separate mobile branded caller ID database), it is infrequent that a number is marked as spam, scam, or blocked. If and when this happens, we redress or remediate the numbers directly with the carriers’ call analytics providers. This provides you an insurance policy—and enables you to continue calling from this number vs. pulling it from your outbound dialing numbers.

Q: What is the difference between STIR/SHAKEN and BrandDelivery™?

A: STIR/SHAKEN is a way for a phone company receiving an outside call to verify that the organization initiating the call has the right to use the number they’re calling from. Its primary purpose is to prevent spoofing. But STIR/SHAKEN doesn’t identify the caller. If you’re making the call, STIR/SHAKEN can verify you aren’t misusing a number but it doesn’t say who is calling. Even if your call makes it past the security protocols, most consumers won’t answer if they don’t know who is calling. BrandDelivery solves that problem by branding calls to mobile phones with your organization’s name. To use a pair of analogies: STIR/SHAKEN is a gate that keeps bad guys out of your yard. BrandDelivery is a window that lets you see who just arrived.

Q: How is BrandDelivery priced?

A: BrandDelivery’s pricing is simple and includes two parts: Part A—Registered Number Subscription Charges and Part B—Call Display Subscription Charges.

Part A: subscription charges are based on the quantity of numbers you subscribe and are billed per number subscribed with a monthly minimum. Part A covers access to the BrandDelivery web portal, the maintenance of your outbound numbers with all major phone carriers, daily Phone Risk Score reporting, and your number reputation insurance policy—our team redressing your numbers if and when they’re blocked or marked as spam by the carriers.

Part B: call display charges are based on the quantity of branded outbound calls made to mobile devices on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile/Sprint, Cricket, Xfinity, Boost, Virgin, Visible, and other carriers we cover. Part B pricing includes options for both Monthly and Annual minimums. At the end of each month, you receive a consolidated BrandDelivery invoice separated by your brands—whether one or many—and the number of branded calls made to each major carrier.

Have other questions for us? We are always happy to connect!